Resilient MSME Certificate
Certificate program for MSME resilience.
First time in India


Our Goal = Making Indian MSMEs resilient 
Let us make Indian MSMEs internationally competitive and globally acceptable.

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We identify necessary actions & provide trainings in:

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Education and research for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Climate Change

Learning adaptation to Climate Change


Enhancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Making Indian MSMEs internationally competitive.

What we offer?
Certificate program for MSME resilience. First time in India.
Learn from expert faculties from world renowned university #ranked amongst the top universities in the world

Why Resilient MSME Certificate?

A recent survey by SIDBI states that around 67% of the total Indian MSMEs were closed temporarily for over 3 months, and 6000 MSMEs shut down completely after the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

  1. Indian MSMEs need risk-informed business continuity planning
  2. Understanding disaster risk assessment
  3. Taking up disaster risk management
  4. Formal discourses on risk comprehension in business
  5. Climate action failure will be the most critical threat in the coming years.

What MSMEs Will Learn? 

The course is exclusively designed for MSMEs across India. We encourage active participation of staff and owners of MSMEs registered across India. Successful participants of Basic Course will be eligible to apply for Advance Course and Specialized Courses that will cater to MSMEs engaged in specific sectors.

In addition, everyone will study the six important features for resilience building of MSMEs that have been highlighted.

 MSMEs Take Aways

Partner organization for MSME certication 

Partner Organisations

  • Indo-Japan Business Council (IJBC) (India)

  • India Japan Laboratory (IJL) of Keio University (Japan)

  • RIKA Institute (India)

Jointly offer our innovative course

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Course Details

Course Content

Detailed course content can be download here for your reference.

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Course Schedule

Our first batch starting from 26-30 September 2022, admissions are open now.

Last date of registration:
20th September, 2022

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Course Fees

The registration fee for the basic course is INR 5000/- per participant.

Have more participants? Avail 10% discount on bulk booking (more than 5 participants) from a single MSME unit.

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Prof. Rajib Shaw
Director, IJL
Keio University, Japan

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Dr. Ranit Chatterjee
Co-Founder, RIKA Institute

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Ms. Ambika Dabral
Program Manager
RIKA Institute

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Ms. Tomo Kawane
Senior Researcher, IJL
Keio University, Japan

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Mr. Abhishek Choudhury
Vice President, IJBC
Head Operations Nanobiz LLC’s India

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(Get 10% discount on bulk registration)

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How long will be the course? Is it flexible?

  • The Basic Course is for 6 hours.
  • The participants can complete at their pace within 2 weeks from its launch.

2. Can I register without my MSME’s Consent?

Yes, one can join as an individual working for MSME.

3. Are students, professionals and researchers working in the sector allowed to join?

  • No, the course is specially designed for staff and owners of Indian MSME units.
  • We request the participants to name the MSME units they work with.

4. What will be medium of delivery of the course?

  • The course material will be in English.
  • The lecture will be of a mix of English and Hindi to meet the need of diverse participants in India.

5. Will all registered participants get a certificate?

After successful completion (more than 80% in the quiz) of the course, participants will be eligible to receive certificates.

6. Are there any special benefits for participating MSME units?

  • MSME units can avail 10% discount on bulk registration of 5 or more of its employees/staff.
  • Additionally, MSME units with more than 50% of their employees/staff completing the basic course will be eligible to receive the “Resilient MSME Level 1” tagging.
  • Subsequent levels of Resilient MSME tagging are linked with the completion of Advanced and Specialised Courses. Followed by the development, implementation and regular updation of the business continuity plans.

7. Is there any expiry date for ‘Resilient MSME tag’ issued? If so, how to renew the certification?

Eligible MSMEs will be intimated by IJBC on becoming eligible to be tagged with ‘Resilient MSME Tag’.  Every year in the month of June, IJBC will review the eligibility and update the ‘IJBC Resilient MSMEs Database.’