Nihongo Sikho
An Initiative by IJBC

Online Japanese Language Learning for children.

5 wonderful reasions your child should learn Japanese

1. Introduce Your Child to a New World
Introduce your youngster to the familiar differences of different Western cultures or open their eyes to a whole new world!

2. It helps set your children to stand out
Parents rarely teach their children Japanese.

3. A gateway to technology and entertainment

The Japanese have a reputation for inventing many modern technologies that we enjoy today.

4. Better opportunities to study abroad
Japan is famous for its high quality of education across all levels.
5. A Deeper Level of Understanding of English!
Students gain a better grasp of English grammar when they learn Japanese. This is especially true because the language is drastically different from English.

Batches Starting from 19th May 2022. Enrol now. 

Online Batch 1

Duration - 2 months

Age group - 8 to 13 years old

When - Every Thursday and Friday

Time - From 4 pm to 5 pm (IST)

Fees - 4000/- 

The maximum number of students is 10.

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* Refund Policy - Fees are not refundable after the completion of two classes.

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Online Batch 2

Duration - 2 months

Age group - 14 to 16 years old

When - Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time - 7:30 PM to 9:00PM (IST)

Fees - 6000/- 

The maximum number of students is 10

Enrol Now